Frenetic Kiteboarding is a new, refreshing take on the classic Kite- based land & surf school that hopes to provide the best support it can, to all positive enthusiasts starting-off or enhancing skills on their pursuit to kiting perfection.  

To enable our instructors to be as flexible as possible to all students we do not base ourselves at any particular beach in the UK. This enables us to choose from the best conditions to suit the students needs on a given day, whether it is honing your Freestyle skills in a flat water lagoon, or pushing you to the next level in Wave-riding, the instructors at Frenetic Kiteboarding will be with you all the way.  

We offer a flexible package to suit all needs. We can cater from absolute beginners who have never flown a kite before, through to the progressive riders looking to add more style and power or those little tips and tweaks to land the most insane new trick you are trying.

The BKSA / IKO training route is designed specifically to provided constancy across the training so it doesn’t matter which school you start or complete your kitesports training, we have to meet high standards to ensure you get only the best instruction.

The teaching methodology follows a simple, safe and logical route to successful kiteboarding, with a fun approach. You can then use this knowledge and skills worldwide to progress in the sport’